Ingredient & Raw Material Blending

CBS has as a range of double helix ribbon blenders to accurately manufacture dry food blends in ours state of the art factory.

CBS operates four full-scale industrial-size double helix ribbon blenders that provide counter-directional flow while continuously mixing the ingredients throughout the vessel. The inside ribbon moves materials toward the ends of the blender, while the outside ribbon moves material toward the center discharge. The result is a consistently homogenous blend to meet each products specific requirements. Due to a more gentle and fluid motion and agitation, typical ribbon blending times run between 10 to 20 minutes.

Sensory Laboratory Services

CBS have an onsite sensory laboratory with capability to measure, analyse and interpret reactions to characteristics of foods and materials, as they are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Project Management

The CBS Team are a dynamic crew of professionals that will partner with customers in managing the entire innovation funnel from ideation to commercialization of the finished product in its packed format.

CBS will facilitate innovation sessions with key suppliers to assist our customers in the entire NPD process for product & packaging.

Logistics & Distribution

CBS will align with their Customers infrastructure to distribute products from CBS to either COSO or  customers designated Distribution Centre.